pray without ceasing

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We just wrapped upa bible study on the subject of prayer at church. I have been challenged and stretched in the most beautiful way. I’ve been a Christ Followeralmost all my life. I was raised in church and I have gained knowledge throughout my years of sitting under several influential leaders and speakers and through my own studying of scripture. I feel honored to have opportunities to teach God’s Word and share from my heart and I often do. Yet I find myselfbeingso content in this season of life being astudent. Never in my life have I been more hungry for God and thirsty for the sound of His voice.

The pasts few weeks of delving into the subject of prayer have been so good for me and has left me changed. For the better. Prayer is simply talking to Him. So many times we think it has to be…

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a proverb a day…

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My husband recently challenged me to read a Proverb a day. Proverbs is the wisdom book in the bible. We have been studying wisdom on Wednesday nights at our church. There is something so blunt about this book and I love that. It’s practical, profound and deep all at the same time. It cuts to the chase if you know what I mean. Sometimes the scriptures can step on my toes and make me say “ouch”! Only because it gets to me and speaks to me in ways that reminds me of what is right. Often times what is right will go against our flesh. That’s why we are to walk in the Spirit.

The bible reminds us that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. I’d rather have the kind of wisdom that comes from my Heavenly Father than the kind of this world. That means…

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how to convert fear to faith

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Fear is paralyzing. It is something that I have dealt with all of my life and even though God has delivered me from so much fear, it’s still something I have to keep in check. My dad says all the time, “The enemy will not roll over and play dead when you are doing something for God”. He’s right. We have the authority over fear through the blood of Jesus but that doesn’t mean the devil won’t keep trying to make you stumble.

My pastor taught me that fear and faith cannot co-exist. When faith moves in, fear moves out and vice versa. Throughout my life, I have found that which ever one you feed will grow. If you constantly dwell on your circumstance, instead of what the bible says about your circumstance, you are feeding fear and faith can’t ever take root in your life. We don’t ignore our…

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