I believe we are stepping into a realm of God’s Glory and the Body of Christ is about to experience the 4Rs.

If we really believe who He is we will be ready to tell about Him to a lost world. Salvation at a whole-nother-level. We are going to point the world to Jesus, who is the only way to God and Heaven, and we are going to see multitude of people coming to Him.

We are getting ready to experience restoration of health, relationships, finances, and joy. Over some time now I’ve see those that are part of the “Church” world being stripped of many things in their lives and instead of living a life of Victory they have been living in defeat. This is your season of change and God is about to turn it.

God is about to show Himself to us in new ways. We are to turn to His Word now, more than ever before. As we go deep into His word we will begin to see Love, Grace and Judgement in a new light. We will see how much Greater He is than any problem that arises. We will get to know Him better through prayer and reading of scripture.

When all of these begin to line up we will see true revival hit this region. I’m believing God for this in your family and our church. We are called to be the light of the world, so let’s be the light and shine bright.

Make Jesus Famous,

Nate Pearman


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