You Win!

Isaiah 54:17 Says no weapon formed against us shall prosper…

2 Chronicles 20:20 (20/20 is your vision clear?) Says believe in the Lord – believe His prophets and you shall prosper.

Yes I paraphrased those verses but the emphasis on both is prosper. As children of God we must understand who we are in Christ. We must know that we are in a battle – a battle not of flesh and blood but of that of the Kingdom of God vs the forces of darkness {Eph 6:12}.

We must understand that in a battle or a fight that you may get hurt or wounded by the weapon that satan is using against you but the Bible says its not going to prosper, in other words it won’t kill you or defeat you. The Bible tells us that when we are in battle to believe in the Lord you will prosper. You win!

So, no weapon formed against you, if you believe in the Lord, will defeat you. It may seem the weapon is too great and has already hurt you too bad but I want you to know if you truly believe God and put all trust in Him that You Will Win!

All sickness, all poverty, all relationship problems, all depression and oppression will not prosper because God is on your side and you Win. Begin to stand on all the promises God has for you in His word for you know He’s got you.

Make Jesus Famous ~ Nate


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