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We just wrapped upa bible study on the subject of prayer at church. I have been challenged and stretched in the most beautiful way. I’ve been a Christ Followeralmost all my life. I was raised in church and I have gained knowledge throughout my years of sitting under several influential leaders and speakers and through my own studying of scripture. I feel honored to have opportunities to teach God’s Word and share from my heart and I often do. Yet I find myselfbeingso content in this season of life being astudent. Never in my life have I been more hungry for God and thirsty for the sound of His voice.

The pasts few weeks of delving into the subject of prayer have been so good for me and has left me changed. For the better. Prayer is simply talking to Him. So many times we think it has to be…

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a proverb a day…

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My husband recently challenged me to read a Proverb a day. Proverbs is the wisdom book in the bible. We have been studying wisdom on Wednesday nights at our church. There is something so blunt about this book and I love that. It’s practical, profound and deep all at the same time. It cuts to the chase if you know what I mean. Sometimes the scriptures can step on my toes and make me say “ouch”! Only because it gets to me and speaks to me in ways that reminds me of what is right. Often times what is right will go against our flesh. That’s why we are to walk in the Spirit.

The bible reminds us that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. I’d rather have the kind of wisdom that comes from my Heavenly Father than the kind of this world. That means…

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how to convert fear to faith

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Fear is paralyzing. It is something that I have dealt with all of my life and even though God has delivered me from so much fear, it’s still something I have to keep in check. My dad says all the time, “The enemy will not roll over and play dead when you are doing something for God”. He’s right. We have the authority over fear through the blood of Jesus but that doesn’t mean the devil won’t keep trying to make you stumble.

My pastor taught me that fear and faith cannot co-exist. When faith moves in, fear moves out and vice versa. Throughout my life, I have found that which ever one you feed will grow. If you constantly dwell on your circumstance, instead of what the bible says about your circumstance, you are feeding fear and faith can’t ever take root in your life. We don’t ignore our…

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I believe we are stepping into a realm of God’s Glory and the Body of Christ is about to experience the 4Rs.

If we really believe who He is we will be ready to tell about Him to a lost world. Salvation at a whole-nother-level. We are going to point the world to Jesus, who is the only way to God and Heaven, and we are going to see multitude of people coming to Him.

We are getting ready to experience restoration of health, relationships, finances, and joy. Over some time now I’ve see those that are part of the “Church” world being stripped of many things in their lives and instead of living a life of Victory they have been living in defeat. This is your season of change and God is about to turn it.

God is about to show Himself to us in new ways. We are to turn to His Word now, more than ever before. As we go deep into His word we will begin to see Love, Grace and Judgement in a new light. We will see how much Greater He is than any problem that arises. We will get to know Him better through prayer and reading of scripture.

When all of these begin to line up we will see true revival hit this region. I’m believing God for this in your family and our church. We are called to be the light of the world, so let’s be the light and shine bright.

Make Jesus Famous,

Nate Pearman


God doesn’t want you to go back to what you once had but He wants you to be repaid seven times (Proverb 6:31). The scheme of the devil is to get you to wish you just had what was taken from you but God has aloud him to do certain things so that he (devil) has to repay you seven times. I say it all the time, “If I just had this again….” or “If things were back to the way they we back when…” and that’s just what he wants me to do just get back to barely making it or get back to when things were just ok. God wants you and I to realize that there is more.

Lester Sumrall used to say God would bankrupt China to get you a China Cabinet, well He may not be about to bankrupt China for you but He is about to BANKRUPT HELL FOR YOU to get your joy back, your peace back, your inheritance back, your confidence back, your health back, your money back, your family back… and you’re not only about to just get it back but I declare to you that it shall come back SEVEN TIMES! More joy than before, better health than before, and your family is going to be at peace, restoration is going to overflow and the blessings of God Jehovah are about to overshadow you like never before!

I want you to get ready. Keep Jesus first (Matt 6:33). Confess Deuteronomy 28:1-14. Let God use you to pour out His blessing (Malachi 3:10, Luke 6:38). Don’t just go through “religious” motions but truly seek Him and what He wants for you and give joyfully (2 Corinthians 9:7). I believe that this year of Jubilee is your year of Increase – increase in every area of your life and in your church.

Make Jesus Famous ~ Nate

One Moment

Moments of favor, Moments of healing, Moments of deliverance, Moments of prosperity, Moments of promotion, Moments of peace, Moments of increase, Moments of joy, Moments….I can go on and on about what kind of moments I am expecting but one thing I want you to understand that when a moment happens with God is doesn’t disappear – it last a life time.

Just ask the woman with the issue of blood, she had suffered for many long years but was healed in a “Moment” and that healing lasted a life time. (Matt. 9:19-21)

Joseph had a “Moment” come to him in the jail, when he was able to go before pharaoh and interpret a dream. That “Moment” turned into a promotion that enabled him to provide for his family in time of a famine. (Gen 41-42)

Continue to seek Him first (above all others) and you will see the blessing of God come upon you and your family.

Make Jesus Famous ~ Nate

You Win!

Isaiah 54:17 Says no weapon formed against us shall prosper…

2 Chronicles 20:20 (20/20 is your vision clear?) Says believe in the Lord – believe His prophets and you shall prosper.

Yes I paraphrased those verses but the emphasis on both is prosper. As children of God we must understand who we are in Christ. We must know that we are in a battle – a battle not of flesh and blood but of that of the Kingdom of God vs the forces of darkness {Eph 6:12}.

We must understand that in a battle or a fight that you may get hurt or wounded by the weapon that satan is using against you but the Bible says its not going to prosper, in other words it won’t kill you or defeat you. The Bible tells us that when we are in battle to believe in the Lord you will prosper. You win!

So, no weapon formed against you, if you believe in the Lord, will defeat you. It may seem the weapon is too great and has already hurt you too bad but I want you to know if you truly believe God and put all trust in Him that You Will Win!

All sickness, all poverty, all relationship problems, all depression and oppression will not prosper because God is on your side and you Win. Begin to stand on all the promises God has for you in His word for you know He’s got you.

Make Jesus Famous ~ Nate